About us

We are professionals in the sphere of sports nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Energybody has grown into a huge European brand with 30 years in business, and counting. Our produce has acquired many loyal followers. That means that once you try our supplements you will never want to have anything else.

Energybody is now an internationally reknowned brand that is recognizeable and widely popular. All products are developed and manufactured in the EU so we are 100% compliant with all the highest quality standards. Energybody combines latest innovations together with sports nutrition traditions. Meaning that we do not only make traditional gainers, proteins and vitamins but also invest into research and development of new supplements. Our customers deserve the best.


Amino acids are the building blocks for your muscles.


The product contains a vitamin complex, minerals and carbohydrates for a quick energy fix.


We have a huge selection of great protein products with different flavours.

Loyalty Our customers trust us
Guarantee Original products only
Worldwide Shipping We deliver goods worldwide
Quality High quality products only